Ethical fashion to us is about questioning every part of the fashion process from raw material to how it is used.  We believe in a process that respects and treasures the people and the resources that are part of it.  

The studio is a creative lab where we research into ways we can create clothing that will have emotional sustenance born from a process that investigates material and meaning.

Cutting techniques are continuously developed to minimize seaming and waste fabric while achieving maximum impact through form, details and finishing.

A conscious effort is made to source sustainably and ethically where appropriate.  This is an ongoing process and we recognise the need for constant improvement in this area.   We also work with local fabric agents who collect and sell good quality end of line British and European fabrics, keeping these fabrics from entering the waste stream.  These fabrics can date as far back as the 1950s, still in pristine condition.  

We support and work with local companies that have a sustainable practice, a good work ethic or a company history that have shown them to be rooted in their area of the country, working with local specialists.

In addition, we practice waste minimisation in the studio recycling paper and textile waste locally.
The studio is supplied by OVO energy, who supply both green energy in a transparent manner.

We have since been shortlisted as a finalist for the Ethical Fashion Forum SOURCE Awards 2012, a competition that recognises talent in fashion design, combined with innovation in sustainability terms.